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Becoming ‘awake’ involves seeing our confusion more clearly
— Rumi


I am a psychology and coaching lecturer, certified relationship coach. I am a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and my academic background includes:

  • Psychology MSc (BPS, PSI accredited)

  • Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching (ICF, EMCC accredited)

  • Certified Singles Relationship Coach (ICF, EMCC accredited)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Continuing Professional Development

  • Higher Diploma in Marriage & Relationship Counselling (Pre-accreditation)

Hi - I'm Annie

I decided to become a Dating and Relationship Coach because of my interest in human relationships and desire to help people experience more fulfilling, authentic relationships with themselves and ultimately others. There are very few areas of life where one is expected to suceed without education or training. In school or at work if we need to upskill we invest in training to become successful. In the absence of any real relationship education, many people can feel stuck, not knowing how to free themselves from repeating negative relationship patterns. For this reason and many others, I decided to combine my background in Psychology, Education, Coaching and Psychotherapy to offer a safe, confidential, professional environment in which learning, change and personal growth can occur. Through the process of coaching, I empower clients to relate to themselves with compassion and skill. Among other things, creating a healthy relationship with onself requires a routined holistic self-care practice. From this solid foundation one can begin to create healthy habits when dating and in relationship. I work one-to-one as well as with Mental Health groups and agencies including the HSE, Department of Education and private organisations.

Relationship illiteracy is such a common problem but it can be solved by acquiring the necessary skills for relating and communicating to oneself and others. Becoming relationship literate and achieving emotional intelligence occurs when we turn our focus inwards in an effort to get to know our true, authentic nature. Teaching people how to create a healthier relationship with themself is a core feature of my work. Once people learn how to listen and respond to their own needs, they can open to healthy love more easily. In the past I blamed myself or ex-boyfriends for my lack of dating and relationship success. I struggled to understand my negative relationship patterns alone. It was only when I commited to personal growth and emotional development did I learn that I was trying to do something that was difficult and I had to learn how to improve. It was so enlightening to realise I had the power to change how I was experiencing dating and relationships. The commitment I made to improving my relationship with self was fundamental to changing my dating and relationship patterns and creating healthy love. Discovering there was another way to be in relationships was such an empowering experience for me and I decided I had to find a way to share it with others. When I ask clients what they believe the most valuable aspects of our work together are, they describe increased; self-awareness and self-confidence. They tell me they feel a real sense of control over their love life, but most importantly, a change in their dating and relationship patterns. Most clients can't believe how they had been sabotaging their chance at love by unconsciously choosing relationships that gave them the same result time and again. They learn relationship skills that helps them to make different choices. Creating a healthy intimate relationship is about much more than finding the "perfect" partner and although this may be the reason many clients start working with me, the relationship skills they learn as a result of our work together spans their whole life. Relationship success includes; empowering people to get to know themselves, understanding old dating and relationship patterns, bringing awareness to the way one relates to themselves and others and learning new skills such as; being a more effective communicator, being able to spot red flags or, being more competent in setting boundaires and being more assertive. Relationship Coaching offers you an opportunity to discover what may be holding you back from living a life in accordance with who you truly are and identify the action steps you need to take and practice in order to achieve the relationships and life you desire.