Do You Have The Life You Truly Desire?

We all talk about the life we want. And yet, how often does this conversation include the types of relationships we would like to have? Transform the relationships you have with others by working on the relationship you have with yourself.  Our service offers a safe, confidential, professional environment in which learning, change and personal growth can occur.

Is Relationship Coaching For ME...?

Regardless of whether you are single or coupled, our service offers you the opportunity to achieve the intimate relationship and life you truly desire. We believe a relationship is only as healthy as the individuals in it. Work with a relationship coach one-to-one to discover how healthy your (current or past) relationships are and discover what is blocking you from securing a healthy intimate relationship.


...when Single?

Do you want to exert some control over your love life or lack of it? Well you can. Instead of growing more frustrated with your circumstances, blaming yourself for what you perceive as your inadequacies, work on the relationship you have with yourself. Meet your fears, build your self-confidence, understand your patterns in relationship, discover what type of partner you want and how best to attract them. Relationship coaching offers you one-to-one support, preparing you to become the best version of you as you enter your next relationship.

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...When In A Relationship?

Do you struggle to balance your need for independence and intimacy in your relationship? Or, are you always the one reaching out? Have you ever wished you could get some space from your relationship and focus on your wants and needs? Do you want to change your behaviour or improve some aspects of your current relationship? Understand who you are in relationship and decide what you truly need.  Relationship coaching offers you a safe, supportive, confidential space to explore your options independent of your partner.

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