Local & National Radio Interviews & Podcasts

Interested in hearing what Annie has to say on the topic of all things dating and relationships? Take a listen to the following radio clips and podcast interviews.


RTÉ Lifestyle 27.09.19

Find out what issues Irish singletons and couples are dealing with the most, the pros and cons of datings apps, when past becomes present, and why there's a stigma attached to being single past a certain age...


RTÉ 2fm

The Jenny Greene Show 04.09.19

How to move from conflict to connection. Listen at 1.12 mins.

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Thrive for Life Podcast 16.05.19

The importance of relationship education to enhance all relationships.


Newstalk Lunchtime Live 05.10.18

Hallmarks of an unhealthy relationship and red flags to watch out for


Newstalk Lunchtime Live 29.09.18

Managing the ups and downs of dating

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KFM Radio Kildare 25.07.18

Rejection & Online Dating


KFM Radio Kildare 05.06.18

Nine Months On.jpg

Nine Months On Podcast 13.11.17

Juggling baby and a relationship