Radio Interviews

Interested in hearing what Annie has to say on the topic of all things dating and relationships? Take a listen to the following radio clips or tune into Lunchtime Live Newstalk 106 -108 FM on the following Friday afternoons 5th Oct and 29th Sept 2018. If you would like Annie to answer your specific dating or relationship queries on these dates, contact


Newstalk Lunchtime Live 05.10.18

Hallmarks of an unhealthy relationship and red flags to watch out for


Newstalk Lunchtime Live 29.09.18

Managing the ups and downs of dating


KFM Radio Kildare 25.07.18

Rejection & Online Dating


KFM Radio Kildare 05.06.18

Nine Months On.jpg

Nine Months On Podcast 13.11.17

Juggling baby and a relationship