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Three Month Coaching Programme


Many of us are searching on the outside for something found only inside ourselves. We believe we have to work hard to attract or maintain a relationship because they will bring us the joy we so desperately seek. The truth is, all we need is found within us. We have to become the person we want to be in order to be in the relationship we have always dreamt.

If you would like to create a healthy, meaningful, intimate relationship but do not know where to start then this programme is for you. As your love coach, I will draw from positive psychology and eastern philosophies that empower you to;

  • Identify and break free from your unique fears, patterns or limited beliefs blocking you from achieving dating and relationship success

  • Realise the importance of creating a loving relationship with yourself and learn how to start doing that

  • Discover what you really want and need from an intimate relationship

  • Clearly communicate your needs and ask for what you want

  • Trust yourself and your inner wisdom

  • Establish boundaries to allow you to give and take from a more full, loving place

  • Develop self-confidence

  • Create a more positive attitude regarding your love life

For clients who have recently experienced a break up, the focus of much of our early work is on self-care and self-compassion and for this reason may require a 4-month commitment, client dependent.

Monthly Coaching Programmes


Annie's relationship clinics are tailor made relationship education programmes to support the development of healthy relationship skills. The focus of each of these bespoke clinics is to empower you to become more skillfull at something you may never had training in. These short-term, solution-focused clinics are practical and suitable for clients who are motivated to achieve relationship success by improving their relationship skills. These clinics are designed for you if you can identify where you may need to enhance your dating or relationships skills to become more effective at;

  • Communicating

  • Setting Healthy Boundaries

  • Complaining

  • Rediscovering Self After Life Transition

  • Consciously Dating

  • Being Emotionally Supportive

  • Demonstrating Loving Behaviour (Physical/Verbal)

  • Managing Emotions

  • Creating Desire

  • Forgiveness

  • Decision Making

  • Time Management

  • Healing After Heartbreak

If you struggle to identify the particular area of dating or relationships that you may need support with, please fill in the contact form here and Annie will be in touch to arrange your relationship assessment.

Corporate Wellbeing


Imagine a workplace that prioritises self-development and positive working relationships. If you want to create a more harmonious workplace, change the way people relate to one another. The following workshop series focuses on psychological development and the cultivation of relational intelligence. It empowers professional growth and change. As an educator and coach I will partner with you and your team to develop;

  • Self-Awareness

Acknowledging impact of relationship history and expectations. The ability to understand effect on others, work to strengths and admit weaknesses.

  • Self-Management

Being able to control impulses and avoid acting rashly.

  • Self-Compassion

Being able to offer compassion towards self and others. To understand another persons point of view.

  • Motivation

Cultivating inner passion to challenge and remain optimistic when things get tough.

  • Social Communication

The ability to manage relationships and productively express emotion.

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