"Working with Annie was an absolute pleasure. I trusted her and the process from the second I met with her. She challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone which ultimately achieved great results. In the space of 3 months I went from totally avoiding to enjoying dating, she got me dating a number of guys and I am now dating the same guy for the past 2 months. I knew the process would work but genuinely didn’t think that it would work so fast as I had a major block for years when it came to dating and she seemed to unblock that really quickly."

- Grace 44, Dublin


"What I found most helpful from working with Annie was the way she helped me to change my whole perspective on dating and gave me the tools and confidence to go out dating and attract the right type of person. Before I met Annie I truly didn't know the type of guy I wanted to attract and was scared of attracting the wrong type due to past experiences. Once I got to the dating part of our process she taught me to date in a totally different way than we all typically date, which took the pressure out of it and gave me the control and confidence so dating wasn’t so daunting or a chore anymore and it became something I actually enjoyed."

- Joanna 52, Meath

"After breaking up with my girlfriend of 10 years I was lost, not knowing how to put my life back together. Our lives were so intertwined that I didn't know where I ended and she began. My world had been literally turned upside down overnight. I called Annie in panic and she was able to calm me down in a very short time and did her best to prioritise offering me an appointment at very short notice as she could obviously tell I was a mess. Her ability to understand me and help make sense of all of my crazy emotions at that time almost embarrasses me but I feel very lucky to have found her when I did. Nothing phased her, she listened, she asked the questions that really got me thinking and she understood me. This woman knows her stuff and helped me get my life back together. I don't know what I would have done without her." - Alex 43, Donegal


"Working with Annie, I now understand what all those people who told me I had to love myself before I could love anyone else meant and I now know how to do that. Annie worked a lot on my past behaviours and limiting beliefs which is something I could never have dealt with by myself.  At the beginning of my sessions with Annie she focused a lot on my self-care and showing up for myself which has been invaluable to me across all areas of my life and was definitely the foundation to me meeting someone. Learning that I needed to say "no" to others gave me so much more free time to dedicate to dating and I believe if I hadn't started working with Annie I would not have met my current life partner as I was so consumed by everyone elses needs, rather than focussing on my own."

- Jane 36, Sligo

"When I started working with Annie I thought I was a hopeless case. Anyone I dated that I liked was only interested in a short term fling and I could never seem to get past date number three. Anyone who liked me, I didn't like. It felt like a cruel twist of fate. It wasn't until I began to pay attention to the types of people I was giving my energy to and the familiar old patterns occuring in my love life time and time again was I able to change the way I dated for the better. Although I'm not currently in a relationship, I have been able to get past date number three and I enjoy "dating consciously" - something Annie helped me with. I now focus on whether the people I date meet my needs rather than constantly trying to meet theirs, that was just exhausting!"

- Kelly, 32, Manchester

"I reached out to Annie when I was going through yet another relationship problem, I say another but really it was the same old one. My husband and I have always had a tough time communicating but around the time I contacted Annie it had been getting worse. It had gotten to the point where we would end up fighting over the most petty things, never really resolving anything but remaining annoyed with each other in the process and creating a horrible environment for our small children. Annie was great, I really think she saved our marriage. She helped us to see the bigger picture in our arguments, she made sense of why we were really fighting and taught us new ways to communicate with one another rather than burying our problems. She taught us how not to fear our anger and channel it in a productive way. The best thing I feel I got from our work together was knowing my own patterns in relationship and understanding why I would fly off the handle to what appeared as a minor issues to my husband. Once I understood myself better I was able to tell my partner what was annoying me and ask him to help me. Working with Annie felt like an education on how to be in adult in relationships and I still return to her notes when I'm stuck." - Cora 41, Killkenny


"If I was to recommend Annie's service to anyone I would describe it as life changing. She not only gave me great tools for dating and attracting the right type of person but the tools I have learnt help me across all areas of my life. I had to put the work in in order to change my limiting beliefs, my past behaviours and create a clear vision of my future and future partner but without the direction from Annie this would not have been possible and for that I am truly grateful to have met her and have experienced this journey with her." - Maria 37, London

"I have worked with other coaches in the past but what I loved most about Annie style is her professionalism and the way she puts such structure on our work together, especially the notes she sends to me after every session and the phone calls between sessions to keep me on track. This gave me a great opportunity to keep track of my own progress and feel supported every step of the way. The homework exercises helped to narrow down the big picture and gave indications of where to start. Annie is a fantastic coach and motivator with a big heart. I’m so grateful that she has been a major part of my journey towards a better me."

- Alan 30, Mayo

"Relationship Coaching is a two-way process, you get what you put into it. Annie is very supportive and garners insight into the relevant issues very quickly. Our work together helped me define with clarity and confidence the kind of people most suited to me based on my needs. It surprised me to discover during the relationship history taking that one of the reasons I was unsucessful in relationships was because I was dating people who were unavailable even though I wanted a committed relationship. If I hadn't done this work to understand why I was attracting unavailable people, I would still be dating people who were never going to meet my needs, continuing to feel frustrated and believing there was something fundamentally wrong with me, which was of course never true."

- Dave 39, Berlin

"The first encounter I had with Annie was two days after my break up. I had also reached out to different relationship coaches but what made Annie so special and unique was her empathy and time she invested into the first call when I was only enquiring about her services. Annie is a fantastic coach who has made me feel understood and comfortable from the first session, giving me all the attention and support I needed during that time. Furthermore, she works at my pace. She has motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and never rushed me into anything. She asks all the right questions to get me thinking differently, and suggests excellent resources to help me to increase my self-awareness and self-compassion. I’m working with Annie for 4 months now and I have made so much progress and I have already changed some long standing relationship patterns and behaviours. The coaching sessions helped me to put structure to all the confusion after the break up and helped me over time to discover the root of the real pain I was carrying around for years that was causing such devastating relationships."

- Sinead 46, Dublin

"Annie really helped me to gain clarity when I was stuck in an unhealthy relationship and didn’t know how I was going to move forward. I thought I would never be able to leave my partner because at 38 years of age I was so afraid of being a single mum and what that meant. With Annie's support, guidance, patience and focus I found a way to find my voice and leave a relationship that had been unsatisfying for a number of years. Annie helped me get my life back on track and made sure I was fully supported the whole way through. I believe the work we did on recognising the red flags of dangerous relationships has given me the strength to trust my ability to make better choices in future relationships. Annie's passion and commitment meant that even when I was doubting my decision, she had strength for me. She is such an amazing person and her flexibility in working with me in person and over Skype meant that I didn't need to arrange childcare for every session." - Laura 38, Cork